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Why I No Longer Make Progress In The Gym?

The article concerns the question – Why I No Longer Make Progress In The Gym? One of the most frustrating times for anyone who’s going about their workout program is the dreaded training plateau. Things seem to be going so well. You’re putting in the effort, making great progress, and then out of the blue, it just stops.

Why I No Longer Make Progress In The Gym

You aren’t making any further progress and you’re growing more upset by the day. What are you doing wrong? Is your body broken? You’ve changed nothing about your routine, so you may wonder what the heck is happening.

What is happening is that you’ve hit a training plateau. Training plateau’s are a very common experience that almost any gym-goer is going to go through at some point in time with their training and understanding how to get past it can allow you to easily carry on and make progress onwards.

Let’s first take a look at why training plateaus happen and then how you can get past them.


Why The Plateau Has Occurred

First you need to consider why you’ve hit the plateau in the very first place. The reason is not because your body is broken. The reason is because your body is fixed, actually. You’ve subjected your body to a stress load and it’s recovered and built itself back stronger. Now, should you subject it to that same stress load, it’s able to handle it – no damage done.

Unfortunately for you though, no damage done means no progress made. You’ll instead just stay at a standstill. Your body has become perfectly capable of handling what you dish out to it.

Remember that the reason why you see results from your training program is because you’re putting your muscles to the test. You’re challenging them in a way they’ve never been challenged before.

That causes tiny microtears to occur, which then must be rebuilt back up stronger and larger than they were before.

Pose no further challenge and you won’t be building yourself back up to be fitter than before.

Quick Tips To Bust Through Your Workout Plateau

So to bust through this plateau, do something different. Any small change can have a significant impact on the results that you see. For example, lift more weight – that’s the first way to overcome a plateau in a hurry.

Another way to bust through it is to perform a different exercise. If you normally lunge, squat instead. If you typically bench press, try the incline press instead.

All of these will stimulate the same muscles, but in a different manner.

The next way to overcome the plateau is to use advanced training principles. Start supersetting your exercises so you perform two back to back with no rest.

Or, perhaps use the pre-fatigue concept and perform one isolation exercise before you go on to perform your compound exercise. This is yet another way to challenge your body in a new manner.

In order to overcome a plateau, something needs to change. So ask yourself, when was the last time you gave your workout routine a make-over?

It may be time to do just that.

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