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Yoga Pilates exercises

Yoga Pilates exercises – incorporating the best of both worlds. Yoga Pilates includes movements extracted from both the forms of exercises. They are aimed at exercising the muscles of the abs and back so as to strengthen them. Yoga Pilates includes exercises such as Warrior, 100’s, Leg Circles, Tree Pose, Plank and Side Hip Flexion and Extension and require that time and effort be devoted to these for carrying them out properly. Strength as well as flexibility is greatly enhanced by practising Yoga Pilates.

Yoga Pilates exercises

Since the Supine Workout includes exercises based on yoga and Pilates it helps the exerciser pay attention to gaining strength and flexibility. These exercises should be done at a pace that allows slow and deep breathing throughout the exercise. In case the exerciser feels the necessity to change the exercise he can do so, with an eye on his own fitness levels and flexibility. However, one should always seek advice from a doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Supine Breathing

In Supine Breathing, the exerciser is required to lie face down on the floor with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. Then, one hand should be kept on the lower belly and the exerciser should inhale, focussing on the expansion of the ribcage and should feel the fingers separate. When the exerciser exhales, the breath should flow and the tension in the shoulders and face should be released. This exercise should be repeated for four to six breaths.

Cat Stretch

Another yoga Pilates exercise is Cat Stretch in which the exerciser should go down on all fours with the knees under his hips and hands on the shoulders. Then the exerciser should spread his hands out on the floor with the palms flat and should then contract the abs so as to bring the head, neck and back into alignment.

First, the exerciser should breathe in and tip the sitz bones up in the direction of the ceiling and, at the same time drawing the shoulders back and down, away from his ears while looking up at the same time.

Then, the exerciser has to exhale and tuck in the chin and at the same time pull the belly in the direction of the spine. The back should be rounded and he should sense a stretch down the spine. This process should be repeated four to six breaths and the exerciser should move effortlessly between each move.

There are other similar yoga Pilates exercises that can be carried out and they consist of Thread the Needle, Plank, Side Planks and Sun Salutations.

The benefits of Yoga Pilates exercises are tremendous as they harness the benefits of both the exercise types and merge them into one. However, since the poses may be tough sometimes, it is important to take time to execute them so as to prevent injuries.

Better still, do it under the supervision of an expert and you will not go wrong. Both yoga and pilates are exercises that do not just take care of the physical health but also deal with the mental aspect, so you are both mentally and physically charged after a session of yoga pilates exercise.

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